How to use MSP

The first step is to register your username using the register page.

If you do not wish to register you can use our sister site

Register Screen

Most of the screen inputs are self evident however, the Username and password are particulary important. They should not contain any information that can be used to identify you, your computer or anything that may be used by a hacker.  This is the fire break that prevents the hacker using any information that they may obtain from our site in order to target or impersonate you.

The good news is that having chosen the MySitePassword Username and Password carefully,  MySitePasswords will always generate strong and secure passwords for you.

User Name:

It is important to remember your username as forgetting it will render the account unusable. You will need to make it not easy to guess but memorable to you. Suggestions are not to use anything that someone else can guess (such as your name or anything on facebook). Perhaps pick a phrase and just use the first letters, E.G." Eartha Kitt is a great singer and I would give her 9 out of 10 becomes EKiagsaIwgh9oo10 or a name or a place or a line in a song that is important to you. More information on this can be found at  (Wiki How passwords).
It is very important to your security that your username cannot be used to identify you.
We will check that the username (or similar) has not been used already.
(For security reasons at this time we are unable to recover your username).
Usernames are case sensitive.


These are similar to Usernames and should be selected in the same way and not be able to identify you in anyway.
There are many articles on choosing passwords and their advice should be heeded. However the most important thing is not to use anything that might identify you or be easily guessed, such as 'password'.
Passwords are case sensitive.

Screen Lock:

Because of the sensitive nature of passwords we provide a screen lock to prevent local unauthorised access to your session or application.  
If you move away from your device always lock the screen.

Licence Key:

If you have a licence key you can enter it here, or if you are upgrading or renewing you can do this at the time of purchase.

From Registration you will be taken to the generate page.

For subsequent access you will need to login.

Login Screen

Providing your details are correct you will be taken to the Generate Screen.

Free Generate:

Free Generate Screen


Paid Generate:

Free Generate Screen

The generate screen shown above is for a paid version. Which has the ability to change the symbols used and increase the password size.
In addition the screen shows the ability to save the method and reuse it automatically. Also you can version the password as frequently as is required once it has been saved.

Provide a Reference:

We suggest the URL is obtained by clicking on the url bar of the login screen and either draggging to the reference or cut and pasting the URL of the site you are going to login to (see below).
NB: Make sure the URL is from the normal login page. (Some sites use a different site or name for registration and some use different domains i.e. for uK and .com for US)

However if you have a favourite way of choosing passwords for a site, for example a phrase plus site specific information, then you can use this.
MySitePasswords will make it much harder for any hacker to ever guess your method by making even the smallest change totally different in the final  generated password.
 Site references are case insensitive.

How to Copy URLs

Once left clicked the URL will turn blue. Then click with the right hand mouse button and choose copy or use CTRL + C to copy the URL.
Then click in the reference field and right click the mouse and choose paste or use CTRL + V to paste the URL into the field.
We recommend this method of transferring the URL as it helps to prevent phishing sites mimicking your chosen site.
(Any password generated will be different form the one you will generate for the genuine site.)
Don't worry if the URL is very long.  We will shorten it to a more manageable length as small changes in the target sites login pages may alter the password generated.

Some browsers will allow you to Drag and Drop a URL. Click on the URL and hold down the mouse key while dragging the URL to the Generate screen. Once in place release the button and the url will have been copied.  If you are using tabs, just hover over the MySitePasswords tabs and it will activate the screen.

Screen Lock:

If you leave your device unattended or unlocked then activate the screen lock or log out, to prevent unauthorised access.
This will work for most browsers and Operating systems but the safest way to prevent other people seeing your information is to LOG OUT. While we have put in as many ways as possible to prevent unauthorised access, some browsers will still allow the back button of the browser to keep previous pages.

Omit Symbols:

Can be used where the site does not accept symbols in a password or you wish to make the password for the site more reasonable.

Generate Length:

In the paid version you can generate different password lengths to make the password less hackable.  You can also set your preferences for password length and symbols to be used.


copy the generated password to the clipboard by selecting the field and right clicking, the password will be highlighted.  You can then choose copy or use CTRL + C to copy the password before pasting it into your site login screen..

N.B.  If you have the free version you may need to alter the site name for changing your passwords for a compromised sites where you have to change your passwords because the site has been hacked. i.e. =>

Paid For Generate Options:

Save Method:

Once you have changed the password length and symbols, you can save the password generation.
Whenever you next type in the reference the password will be generated in exactly the same way. (You can still alter the method and resave if you wish)


If you wish to change a saved site password in the paid version you can click the 'Change Password' button.  This will take you to the Change Password screen. Use this to change a site password where passwords are expired on a regular basis.
The new password will be generated in exactly the same way as your method, but there will be a new generation method saved for the future.

Change Password screen

By accepting the new password with the change button, next time you use this site reference the password generated will be the new one.

Safe Store:

We now provide a method of storing other information in an encrypted form.
Use this for usernames and other unidentifiable information such as site provided Usernames. (These are sometimes as hard to remember as strong passwords).
Safe Store Screen

Once a reference and value have been encoded and stored it may be retrieved with the Retrieve Option.

Retrieve Saved values:

Currently for performance reasons we only decode one reference/value pair at a time, until we can work out the impact of many decodes in one session.

Retrieve Store Screen

Stored values are arranged in date/time order with the newest last.

By default the last value stored will be shown first.

Values may be retrieved by scrolling, direct reference or going directly to their index.

This screen can also be used to delete any reference values.

Lapsed Licence:

If your licence lapses you will revert to the free licence, but we will continue to generate any save method passwords within the terms and conditions of the free licence.

Safe Store data will be unavailable but retained and available again once the licence is renewed.

 Once you obtain a new licence all of your settings are available once again.


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