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Liability Disclaimer.

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- Due to the random nature of our password generator at times passwords may be generated that contain unacceptable words in some languages. We apologise for this if it happens and suggest you amend the reference slightly and regenerate the password.

Service Provision:

- MySitePasswords will provide a free basic personal password generation service to anyone who registers for the free service.  (Subject to all the other terms and  conditions in this document).
- For users who purchase a licenced version of MySitePasswords, the licence authorises you to one years use.  (Subject to all the other terms and conditions in this document).

Website availability

- MySitePasswords will aim to ensure our websites are always available, but there may be times when due to circumstances, they will not be. We will try and keep any periods when our websites are unavailable to a minimum.
- Depending on resources available we may at times restrict the availability of new Free/Evaluation accounts.

Unacceptable use

- You may not use our website in any way that causes, or may cause, damage to the website or impairment of the availability or accessibility of the website; or in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful, or in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity.
- You also agree to not use the resources of this site excessively.  If you are a paid user this may result in your username being resource restricted.
- Under our termination terms MySitePasswords may disable any account that appears to be using excessive resources.
- You agree to not use any other person's username and password to access our website or to let any other person use yours, except where this is part of a corporate agreement..
- You agree not to dissemble, re-engineer, copy or attempt to decipher, de encrypt or obtain details of any underlying code or data used in this website, its host or underlying technologies.


- MySitePasswords may disable your account on the website at our sole discretion without notice or explanation. If your account is a Free/Evaluation version then we may terminate your account to release resources if it is not used within a reasonable period of time.
- If your paid for account licence expires, we will maintain your account as a Free account for 6months under these terms and conditions.
- We will maintain your ability to use any saved site changes and generated passwords for this length of time.
- You may renew your licence at any time during this period.
- You may terminate your use of our free service at anytime, simply by not using it.
- In the event of wishing to terminate a paid for service.  You can inform us with your licence key and we will terminate the service minus an administration fee.


- For security reasons MySitePasswords uses transient session cookies.
- No other information is stored.
- If this is not acceptable then you should not use this site. (See for an explanation.).
- We reserve the right to amend our site to use cookieless sessions in further developments of MySitePasswords.


Information we collect about you:
- We are required under EU VAT rules to register your country of origin. This without any other identifying information will be held anonymously.
- We only hold encrypted username and password details of your registration.  If you have followed our guidelines, this should not identify you or the sites you use.
- MySitePasswords may use an email address supplied by you during the licence purchase transaction to notify you of a purchased licence key number. The email address will only be used in the transaction and will not be stored.
- We will pass on information when required to by law.  To public authorities, Government law enforcement agencies, courts and regulatory bodies.


- We may at our discretion post selected adverts in the Free versions of this application and in non logged in pages to support those Free users.
- Third party advertisers may use non transient cookies.

My Site Passwords Limited:

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